Mini 1275 gt gear ratios

Full Gr. Swiftune close ratio gear box with 4 gears, 2 LSD 3. Interior: Custom bolted in roll cage with side impact bars and made with attention to chassis stiffening, Sparco Baquet in homologationOMP 6 point harness in homologationSabelt extinguisher in homologationStack Tacho, Stack oil pressure gauge, Stack water temperature gauge, Perspex Windows and backdoor, custom door cards, new ATL fuel cell, low weight battery, global reinforcements, etc.

Exterior: Painted in white with stripes in dark blue and orange, white wheel arches, extinguisher device, remorke belts. A very competitive car, with an extensive racing history lots of wins and podiumsthat would make a perfect and affordable introduction to historic racing. Email: info blackmoneyracing. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Mini GT Gr. Lumination system.

Transmission: Swiftune close ratio gear box with 4 gears, 2 LSD 3. Suspension: 4 Gaz shock absorbers adjustable. The is car has Portuguese HTP and and is also road legal Fully prepared circuit, hillclimb, trackday, etc is on the button and ready to compete.

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INFO GUIDE: 1969 - 1981 Mini 1275 GT

Select to compare Shop now. Part No : PWZ Required Quantity: 6. Part No : SH Part No : FNZShop authentic Dodge Brand gear specifically designed for you to live your life with passion.

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Registration no. Seller type. Chassis No: SLM9. It is a happy little racer! The car spotted for sale is a MG Midget Lenham Le Mans, which is described as having been subject to a rolling restoration over the past 20 months.

Offered for sale is this charming little Lenham GT. The amount of work you want done is up to you, from a bare Lenham shell to a complete car. We supply a number of different fibreglass body panels to fit both the Frogeye and Midget Sprite body shell. MG Lenham GT. Sprite Arkley 1. December 30, by bugeyeguy. R-km Timber trailer. About South Somerset Caravans.

It has a straight-cut gearbox from Hardy Engineering and 4.

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Spridget fans have likely heard of or even seen a Lenham GT, but for the rest of us, the Lenham brand is likely unknown. Maurice Pyman. Lenham Le Mans GT The first car Lenham made was based on a Frogeye Sprite, but the company got into its stride with a restyled model developed for the Midget Mk2 with its wind-up windows. Sebring sprite for sale. Jaguar S Type 3. For the pedal box, in the first Midget we widened the and guests Home » content.This guide has been written to assist people who are looking to purchase an original Mini GT, or are restoring an original GT, and wish to know the original factory specifications of the car.

The GT represented a sports offering of the clubman square front Mini, and was sold alongside the higher performing cooper S of of the time. The car is believed to be essentially a replacement of the Mini Cooper.

A large number of GT's were built, however, very few survived due to rust issues, and they are considered a very rare car today. Today, cars can be found in most markets due to aftermarket imports. Of course, the information in this guide can always be added to, and we would sincerely appreciate it if any enthusiasts had further information on these cars, and encourage you to contact us with that information.

We hope this guide is helpful to people looking to purchase or restore the cars. If you have found this useful, please show your support by liking our Facebook page see the button at the top of the website!

This page is only intended to be a guide, and you should always seek advice from professionals when purchasing vehicles which are represented as original or genuine models. The following interior features are standard on an original Austin Mini GT.

The paint code and interior code section below gives further details on the available interior trim colours and fabrics, however, the images provide a small sample of the most common interior trim.

The Austin Mini GT was available in a very large number of colour combinations in terms of both paint colours and interior trim types. The attached colour charts and tables show the colours available forom the factory. A small sample of cars showing original colours have also been included in the images. The large majority of later built GT's appear to be fitted with the "deckchair" style cloth seat fabric, as shown in the images, formally known as "Beige Stripe".

The correct chassis number for a GT will depend on the year of the car.

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The chassis number prefixes are divided into two year ranges, as outlined below. The correct associated "Commission Number" is also provided. The chassis number on a GT will appear in two locations. Images of both locations have been provided. Note, "XXX" is the commission number position which will be different on each car.

This is a Sequential number starting at for each car type. Note, A represents the starting number for the GT. This is a Sequential number starting at A for the GT, and will be different on each car. The engine number is located at the front top of the engine block, just above the alternator, or just below the number 1 spark plug. The number is stamped onto a small rivited aluminium ID tag. See images for further clarification. If you have one of these numbers as the prefix, then its likely correct.Gearbox - standard production gearbox types Terminology.

NOTE; A 'high' or 'low' ratio gear is in reference to it's performance, not it's numerical number. To illustrate - a 'high' FD ratio will give 'higher road speed', but will have a numerically low figure.

A 'low' FD ratio will give lower road speed, but have a numerically high figure. A by-product of this will be reduced acceleration capability on the 'high' ratio, increased acceleration capability on the 'low' ratio. The main gearbox gears work in the exact same way. The first Minis rolled off the production line with a three-syncro gearbox, first gear as explained earlier was still a hit and miss affair.

The speed matching of the other gears in the gear train was undertaken by brass 'syncro cone' rings pressed on to the gears. The end of saw the introduction of the all-syncro 4-syncro gearbox - at last! This remained unchanged until when the remote housing was vetoed in favour of the rod-change system, substituting not only the external aluminium housing for two rods hence the namethe internal selection system was much simplified too. These were used as they were supposedly quieter running, being identified by a groove mark around the centre peaks of the teeth, and having a noticeably sharper point to the tooth profile in place of the blunt tips of the earlier gears.

The key to getting the best performance out of your newly spruced up engine is selecting the best collection of ratios to suit the power output, and the general use to which your Mini will be put.

This is caused by the basic selection of gear ratios, accentuated by the final drive FD. The only difficult bit in gearboxes is calculating the gear ratios, explaining it even more so. The constant input ratio is determined by the input shaft and corresponding laygear gear. Suffice to say that the ratios are quoted as a comparison - i.

This means for 1 revolution of the laygear driver, and hence one engine revolution where 1 to 1 drop gears are used the mainshaft gear is turned 3. The bigger the number, the more revolutions the mainshaft gear is making. Bigger numbers define easier acceleration. This made easier or more difficult by the FD ratio used.

The gear ratios have to be selected together to provide continued and beneficial forward motion of the vehicle. In a race-car that equates to ratios that are similar close together to be able to use the relatively narrow power-band of a high-revving engine at maximum speed.

This means achieving the smallest drop in engine rpm at each gear-change, and consequently more gear-changes are needed. On the road, a much broader spread of flexible engine power allows more widely spaced ratios for a more acceptable overall performance from standstill, through town chugging and on to motorway cruising.

The engine rpm drop between each gear-change can therefore be much greater as the engine is far more flexible.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? What gearbox??????? Posts Latest Activity Photos. Page of 2.

Classic Mini Gearbox 1275 GT & Cooper S Close Ratio LAYGEAR .

Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. I have read a lot on here about gear boxes but I cant find an actual answer to which one is best for my engine. Basically i want a LSD and I want the best gearbox for use with the mini. Im not really into stripping down gearboxes and changing anything so im looking for the best standard gearbox. And what car they would come out of. Im in no rush to get the gearbox at the moment as im working mainly on bodywork at the moment its just so i know what to keep my eyes open for.

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Tags: None. Best for what use? These all have different ratios in and you would be best to look at these and decide on which one works for you. Comment Post Cancel. Ok I dony really know that much about different gear ratios. I just want a gearbox that will be good for general everyday driving fast!

Am i right to be looking at Y21 gearbox's. Not many came with LSD's. Tallest final drive, and tallest 5th gear available. Gives 76mph at RPM in top gear. How do you know when you have enough horsepower? If you are looking straight out the bag and probably the easiest gearing on your ears, then the B18Vti with LSD is the best one.

That said, others would say you do not need the 3. As always only you can choose what is good for you. MK Factory in the states has a 4.

I agree with everything above. But you didn't mention on what wheels you intend to run your mini. Hope that helps. Many thanks. In which area do you think there is a massive difference? In terms of circurmference sp!! Watsons frame in a standard length front, they said it was impossible Build Thread - standard length round nose B series with Watsons frame, it is possible.

I've been told that the gearbox i'm considering refurbing is from a GT however i'm not so sure. Does anyone know the gear ratios so i can. › msgThread › Best_Final_Drive_Ratio_for_a_ Best_Final_Drive_Ratio_for_a_ - Mini Cooper Forum. Best Final Drive Ratio for a Jun 6, AM, morris mini k. Even better than this though is the 4-syncro S/GT ratio set as it also reduces the drop between third and top gears.

The only down side is acceleration from.62/18, Early 10" wheel minis, GT (Feb >), Cooper SThe final drive ratio (ratio of differential crown gear to its drive pinion). (compare a Mini , with a Mini, the has a higher rpm.) Boxes. Ratios. Car. Year. Clutch. 1 2 3 4 F/D. 4-speed with. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Classic Mini Gearbox GT & Cooper S Close Ratio LAYGEAR. at the best online prices at. My daughter's '79 GT has 12' wheels, a ratio and the original C/R box.

Years ago I fitted a gearbox from a GT of 12 inch wheel variety to my. Production/sales period of cars with this particular specs: mid-year - June Modelyears:. Country of origin: GB United Kingdom.

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country flag. Check the tables below for detailed outside and inside dimensions, output, fuel economy and performance data. Specs review by Pawel Zal. coming soon. Mini. The engine delivers its power through to the wheels via a 4 speed manual gearbox. Quoted weight at the kerb is kg. The Austin Mini GT is said to be. Austin Mini GT Specs ; Aspiration: N/A ; Compression Ratio: ; Maximum power - Output - Horsepower: 58 PS or 57 bhp or 43 kW @ rpm.

GT: This vehicle has a 2 door saloon (sedan) body style with a front This power is transmitted to the wheels via a 4 speed manual gearbox.

allegro engine/box (gear ratios) | The Turbo Mini Forums. B-box as above Gt /1 Diaphragm. Drives: Patch the clubby (R.I.P.) Clubby GT, Leon the seat The will have a or final drive and speedo drive gears for a.

The GT had a much lower spec engine than its predecessor the Cooper S but still retaining the close ratio gear ⚙️ box of the cooper S,the. CLASSIC MINI GT/ Mini Cooper S 22G Remote Gearbox 4 Close Ratio 22G - £ FOR SALE! 22G 4synchromesh Close Ratio Mini remote gearbox. The new GT featured a 1, cc four-cylinder and a unique four-synchro close-ratio four-speed manual gearbox—previous Mini transmissions. 4 Syncro Mini Gearbox with Rod type gear change, for Mini models '73 to '01, complete with final drive and ready to fit.

***NOTE*** GT/Cooper 'S'. MkI/II/III Cooper 'S' (Close Ratio / Straight Cut), MkIII Cooper 'S' & GT (Close Ratio), MKIII/IV Mini & Metro (pre A+ <'84), MKV/VI/VII Mini.